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Dan, Basin 5 isnt the only place to practice, Getting in the water with the boat creates a great opportunity to tweak and test.

See you on the course Friday.


Bruce had to share this with me so I share it with you.

Glitches with equipment

I have been experiencing some problems with my rudder servo, as have a couple of other people. I wrote to Steve Lang about it and his response was:

Yes, I have seen these problems before. The big culprit is water getting into things. These electronics are not at all well sealed and moisture gets in and causes all sorts of weird stuff. The best you can do to isolate the problem is switch gear until you have nailed down the problem part. If you see that the part is otherwise not damaged by water entry, then I am sure Megatech (MT) will take care of it for you.

Secure your deck covers

Make sure to secure your deck covers. A trick that I like is to drill a couple of holes in the lid on each side where the rudder servo arm link comes out the back. Then take a piece of string that will be long enough to touch the deck securing both sides with a knot. That loop will go under the servo rod and keep the lid with the boat. It will just slide off when you remove your rudder.

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