Welcome to the ABYC Adult Sailing Program

If you are an active adult and want to learn how to sail, look no further.  ABYC offers one of the best learn-to-sail programs on the West Coast.

About the Program

As a Yacht Club primarily made up of sailors, ABYC knows that laying the right foundation will set you up to become a lifelong sailor. Working with the Tempest Fleet, ABYC has developed a premier teaching program that is designed to make our students successful. Students will have four full days of instructional time, including about 10 hours of private, one-on-one sailing with their instructor on the water. This class is open to all ABYC Members as well as non-member parties that have an ABYC Member sponsoring them.

You will be learning how to sail in an International Tempest, a fun and exciting 22-foot keelboat. If you are and active adult and want to learn how to sail, look no further. ABYC offers one of the best learn-to-sail programs on the west coast. For more information on the ABYC Tempest fleet, please go to

2023 Program Schedule

Winter Session

March 4 - April 8

Spring Session

April 29 - June 4

Summer Session

July 15 - August 12

Fall Session

September 9 - October 7 



Non-member students with Member Sponsor - $875/session

ABYC Member students - $450/session

*The health and safety program for the adult-sailing program requires that all students be fully vaccinated and boosted for the covid virus.  The last booster shot should be within six months of the date you start the program.*

2023 Program Offers:

One-hour introductory meeting, followed by four Saturdays of training.

Every student has their own instructor, whom provides 10 hours of private sailing lessons.

Program graduates receive a certificate from the American Sailing Association.

See Program Benefits section for more information or call Sheila Mattox at ABYC for more information.


Alamitos Bay Yacht Club & Long Beach Harbor / San Pedro Bay, the best place

on the west coast to learn how to sail.

Program Benefits

Taking ABYC's Adult Sailing Class provides benefits beyond just the instruction. Upon successful completion of the program, students will:

- Obtain an ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification from the American Sailing Association

- Have a one-year membership in the American Sailing Association

- Receive the American Sailing Association's Official Certification Log Book

- Receive the American Sailing Association's textbook "Sailing Made Easy"

- Receive a copy of US Sailing's publication "The Rules in Brief"

- Group and 1-on-1 instruction on land

- 1-on-1 sailing with instructors for the entire course


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