Social Advisory Committee

The Social Advisory Committee (SAC) is a group of fun lovin' and creative members who volunteer their time to create, plan, and execute events and social gatherings for the club. We host lovely brunches for Mother's Day and Easter, sip our way through elegant wine tasting dinners, and even tear up the dance floor after a much needed professional dance lesson. 

Here at the club, we're no strangers to a good time. We love live music and competitions! On our calendar you'll find events like beer brewing competitions, trivia nights and even some craft nights, so save your wine corks. You'll never know when a cork craft night might pop up.  And now the best part: if you don't see an event that you like, come to our meetings! We're always looking for fresh ideas and volunteers to help bring new visions to Life. We meet the second Wednesday of every month. For more information, email Danielle Hammer.


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